a new orleans wedding / by Stephen Meaux

I shot my first wedding a couple days ago in New Orleans. Never shot one before but I certainly enjoyed filming it. It's somewhat of a different approach to filming than I am use to but I got the hang of it pretty quick. I'm use to shooting at a slower pace where I decide when the shot is ready. In weddings it is the exact opposite. I have to be ready at all times so I don't miss anything. I shot for five hours total. Filmed the bride getting ready, the wedding ceremony and then the reception. Shot it all with my 5D Mark III. I helped a company film it so I won't be editing it or really having any say so on the finished project. I definitely want to video more weddings though. Maybe do it on my own next time. I would wanna shoot it sort of like a short film. Shoot it in such a beautiful way that everyone wants to watch it and not just the bride and groom. I have some ideas on how I would like to film it so hopefully I can get the opportunity to bring them to fruition.