Elle et Lui

A short film my wife and I made. Narrated in Cajun French. Filmed in Lafayette and Kaplan. Brett Hebert made the music. This screen at the 2019 Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival.

Synopsis: How does a young married couple living in the town of Kaplan find meaning in their lives? They don't. One is depressed and the other is oblivious to it. Though one day out of the year does change all that. Sort of. . . .

Escadrille Louisiane

Made for CODOFIL’s Escadrille Louisiane program. I filmed very few shots of this video. I only filmed the two interviews. This was more of an editing piece to promote the Escadrille program.

Rose Green from Breaux Bridge

This was made for the Teche Center for the Arts. We interviewed, Rose Green, a citizen of Breaux Bridge who has lived there all her life. She spoke about what it was like growing up there, her family, and her French background. Music by Brett Hebert.


A video I made for Whitney Hebert's piece "Thirst". A contemporary dance work that was performed at the ACA in Lafayette, LA in October 2018. This video was shown in the lobby before the show started and it was shown during the intermission.

Teche Center for the Arts

This is a fundraiser video for the Teche Center for the Arts in Breaux Bridge. This was more of an editing piece. I filmed a few shots but not many. 

Pig & Plough Suppers: Lafayette

The video is for Pig & Plough Suppers. Shot at Cafe Vermilionville in Lafayette. Music by Brett Hebert.

Downtown Lafayette Restaurant & Bar Association

This piece was made for the Downtown Lafayette Restaurant & Bar Association. It was to promote the restaurant industry and all the events that take place in the downtown area. Music by Brett and Whitney Hebert.

Équand je t’ai vue

This is a video I made that shows my experience at a French immersion program in Jonquiere, Quebec. Music by Brett Hebert.

T'as Raison

This is a video I made when I went to the Université Sainte-Anne in Nova Scotia in 2015. I spent five weeks in the French immersion program. Music by Brett and Whitney Hebert.

The Making of Atchafalaya

Atchafalaya is a short film that was made in South Louisiana. I made a behind the scenes video for it.

Boucherie: The Art of Wole Hog Butchering

This was filmed for Lafayette Travel. Shot at Vermilionville in Lafayette. 

Acadiana Center for the Arts

This video I made for the Acadiana Center for the Arts. I filmed the interviews and a few other shots. Most of the shots in the video I didn't shoot. This was more of an editing piece.

Gluten Free Gumbo - Mandy Migues

A gumbo series I made for Lafayette Travel. This video focuses on gluten free gumbo.


J'étais là

Filmed in 2015 during the weekend of Festival International. The video leads up to an after party that was thrown in Freetown. The video also shows different acts that performed at the festival that year. This was not made for a client. I made this on my own.