music series is a working progress by Stephen Meaux

In post production on my music series I filmed featuring local bands. The series will consist of eight bands ranging from Cajun music to rock and roll to swing. It has a little bit of everything. Videos are around five to seven minutes give or take. Small interview portion with music segments in between and finishes with a full song recorded in one take. This is filmed in a non concert environment. Some were filmed on a porch, backyard, inside a home, one was filmed near a crawfish pond. It's looking really great so far. I still have some editing to do on each video but it shouldn't take me that much longer. Should be finished in a couple of months. The series still does not have a name so I am trying to figure that out as well. 

just Comme Ça by Stephen Meaux

Created a new series "just Comme Ça" meaning "just like that". It's a six part series that focuses on various aspects of Cajun culture. I filmed it throughout 2014. Most of them have very little dialogue, some don't have any. The shortest video is just under two minutes and the longest is just under 20 minutes. Now that I am finished with this project I will move on to my next which focuses on local bands.  

film festival by Stephen Meaux

Two dans ma cuisine episodes were screened at the Southern Screen Film Festival in Lafayette this past weekend. I showed my grandma's episode and Jo Vidrine's episode. Did and Q & A after. Was screened at the ACA. Had a good turnout.

Wedding short film by Stephen Meaux

Filmed my first wedding by myself Saturday night in Broussard. Filmed groom prep. Then headed to the ceremony location. Filmed some b-roll of the place then filmed a few shots of the bride with her bridesmaids. As the ceremony took place I roamed around the room getting shots from various angles. I recorded the audio of the entire ceremony externally. Reception came next. Photo shoots, cake cutting, first dance, bouquet toss, money dance, etc... Ate some food, drank une biere, watched folks dance to some Cajun music. Overall a good night. I'm thinking the video will come out to be around 10 or 12 minutes. It will include audio from the day as well as music I add in the editing process. It's gunna be a nice lil finished piece. 

makers reel by Stephen Meaux

I just filmed one of my favorite local bands performing for a new series I am about to start working on. The series will feature different local bands describing their music and performing a song live. Makers Reel is the first band I filmed. We filmed it on one of the band member's front porch. The video is basically a short documentary. The final video came out to about five or so minutes and is recorded in one take. I plan to do more videos once I get additional bands on board. 

freetown garden by Stephen Meaux

Just finished working on a video for a garden in Freetown. The video was shot for the Freetown-Port Rico Coterie. It's a short one minute long video that hopes to raise funds in order to build a garden in the neighborhood. The coterie hopes to raise $1,500. I filmed this in one weekend. Shot different areas of the neighborhood, interviewed few folks that live in Freetown, and asked a buddy of mine, Brett Hebert, to make some music for the video. For more information about the project and to view the video click here

series release date by Stephen Meaux

dans ma cuisine is all complete. The series will be featured in the upcoming issue of the Independent. There are 8 videos in all. The trailer will be released first then gradually release each video. One a week for the next eight weeks. Gunna have a premiere party at my house next Saturday for the people who helped make it all happen. Feelin good feelin right.